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Trophic status of lakes in bangalore city, Karn...
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This book made an attempt to understand the water quality level of selected lakes in Bangalore city, India. The Study covered three major lakes of bangalore city. Study found that, all the lakes are polluted due to anthropogenic activities. The study results showed that, YLC and Bellandur lake were in europhic condition. hebbal ws oligotrophicIt also recommends that, the urgent need of conservation of Urban lakes for various ecological benefits. Study recommends and urge upon, the Local bodies of state government and Pollution control Agency to stop development of residential layouts and encroachments that is going on briskly to prevent further deterioration of Lake water quality due to the likely generation and discharge of sewage water and dumping of solid waste into the Lake. Study also recommends to study and prepare watershed management techniques focus on the best management practices and include on-site techniques such as controlling agricultural pollutants through crop rotations, manure management, grassed water ways, controlling erosion and sedimentation etc

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