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Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies, commonly referred to as YCMES and formerly known as Yemen Language Center, is a private college located in the historic Old City of San a, Republic of Yemen. The YCMES is located on the 26th of September St, close to the Yemeni Parliament building, and a five minute walk from Tahrir Square. The Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies was created from the standing buildings and reputation of the Yemen Language Center (YLC). The Yemen Language Center was founded in 1989 by Sabri Saleem, the former Associate Country Director for the US Peace Corps for twelve years. In 1993, the YLC expanded by founding the Yemen Center for Arab Studies, adding academic courses to those of language instruction. In 2006, to accommodate the increasing academic interest in Arabic and the Middle East, the Yemen Language Center and the Yemen Center for Arab Studies transitioned into the YCMES.

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